Command button Action

Sort order click on any column header to sort by that column
Clear clears the filter fields
New clears the fields to enter a new course
Save saves the data (if grayed out there is no need to save)
Delete deletes the currently selected course

Only available when screen is showing as a result of Courses command:
Email creates an email message with the currently selected course data attached
to load an attachment, just drag it on the courses grid
Back takes you back to the main screen, saving any changes

Only available when screen is showing as a result of New score command:
Cancel takes you back to the main screen without changes
Next takes you to the main screen with the selected course data
alternatively, you can double-click a course to select and proceed

Field Data

Name course's name
Address course's address
Zip course's zipcode
City course's city
Phone course's phonenumber
Misc. space for a short comment
Filter use the filter fields to find a course quickly

Tab 1-9 / Tab 10-18
Par par for the hole
Index stroke index for the hole
Length length for the hole

Tab CR / SR
Ratings course rating is CR/SR or SSS
CR course rating
SR slope rating
SSS standard scratch score

Tab info
WWW URL for the course, click WWW to open the URL in your browser
E-mail e-mail address for the course, click E-mail to send an e-mail
Other room for comments