This screen is shown when you exit Golf Score Doctor.

Command button Action

Cancel return to the main screen without making a backup
Exit quit the program without making a backup
Make backup create a backup file of Player, Course and Result data

Field Data

Info date of last backup

The help screen is the only screen in Golf Score Doctor that can be left open together with the main screen. This enables to you to see both the help screen and the other screen.

Command button Action

Print prints the helptext
Back return to the main screen

Command button Action

Restore backup restores a backup file, overwriting existing data
Add language adds a language, additional languages can be downloaded from this site
Cancel return to the mainscreen, discard changes
Back return to the main screen, save the changes

Preference Result (you will need to restart Golf Score Doctor for the changes to have effect)

Alway use par as reference if checked, the par is used for results, otherwise personal par is used
Enable Penalty field if checked, the penalty field can be filled
Enable Fairway hit field if checked, the fairway hit checkbox can be used
Enable Drive distance field if checked, the drive distance field can be filled
Enable Sand saves if checked, the bunker and sand save checkboxes can be used
Language choose an available language in the drop down list
Handicapsystem choose a handicapsystem in the drop down list, currently available: EGA, CONGU, USGA

Scorecard - can be printed from the Main screen in landscape or portrait layout

The dots behind stroke index indicate the number of handicap strokes